‘The Blessed Warrior’ Genuine Drinking African Horn


Unleash the warrior within and venture to ancient realms with this genuine African drinking horn! Roar with flavor and conquer thirst with 20.2 ounces of untamed refreshment and warrior spirit! And here’s a little secret – the ravens circling around the warrior’s head? Well, rumour has it that they occasionally fly off to find a few extra drops of beer. So, keep an eye on your horn, and maybe you’ll catch the ravens enjoying a little drink of their own!

Carved from an authentic African horn, this magical vessel takes you on a taste-filled journey where mighty warriors ruled and ravens played wingmen. Sip with style and let the adventure begin! Let each sip be a celebration of bravery, a toast to the warrior spirit that thrives within you! Just know that this is a natural product and a slight variation in colour, size and shape may be seen.


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